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New comics in development! by irishabraken
August 2nd, 2016, 5:18 pm
I'm currently developing two new weekly* comics.

The first I'm going to be working on is a comic about space exploration, kind of in the same vein as Space Dandy and Rick & Morty.

After its prologue it will take on a more episodic 4koma/gag strip format in which I can take on social issues, common tropes in science fiction and general pop culture references in a comedic context.

So which issues, pop culture and tropes would you like me to make fun of? (In space) Let me know in a PM here on Smackjeeves, on DeviantART (@hat-and-goggles) or on tumblr (@surfingthewavesoffeminism).

Working title for project 1: The Tall Tales of Major Tim and Higgy Starlight

The second I'm going to be working on after the first makes it through its prologue (or later) is a little more religiously tinted, in which a happy, bubbly, young nun finds out a horrible secret about the reverend running the convent (I guarantee you, it's not what you think right now. I'm not going /there/.), but despite that the two become best buddies.

This one might take a slightly more serious and dramatic shape than Tall Tales, maybe even romantic (add some oohlala to the hallelujah), but I will definitely make place in this comic for some character based comedy as well. Though, since this is the comic I've least developed so far I've got less to say about what kind of form or direction it will take.

Working title for project 2: Our Lady of Perpetual Hijinks

*But yeah, you may have noticed I'm already in a bit of a pickle keeping up with the weekly format of A.S.S., so I'm going to try and at least update /one/ comic per week as the others start rolling around. Every week might be a surprise in what gets updated!